• Your Car's Safety: How much do you know?

    Tuesday 08 August 2017

    It used to be that safety systems in your car meant the brakes worked. Over the years, things have changed and now there is a whole host of safety systems in new vehicles that not only keep us safe, but have the potential to change the way we drive. As technology makes driving safer, our technicians are trained to keep your car in top shape - keeping you in the driver's seat and your passengers safe. How many of these features does your car have?  Automatic Emergency Braking... read more

  • How to Avoid a Car Payment in 3 Easy Steps

    Tuesday 18 July 2017

    Your car should last - in fact, the average car on Canadian roads is about 10 years old, which for most drivers means warranties have long ago disappeared in the rearview mirror. Before you think about taking on another car payment or lease payment, think about getting the most out of your current vehicle. We work with you to create plans to work with your vehicle and your budget to keep your car safe and functional - but that's only half the battle. Preventative maintenance will keep... read more

  • Fleets Need a Different Kind of Service

    Monday 26 June 2017

    How can Napa Auto Pro solve your Fleet Stress? Fleets are going to dealerships because they don’t realize they have an option that can solve their vehicle problems with integrity and professionalism. You want your fleet working for you, not sitting in limbo. As an independent, we bring to the table what most shops don’t – the 4 Cs: Identify the co... read more

  • Worry Free Roadtrips with NAPA Roadside Assistance!

    Monday 26 June 2017

    Who would believe peace of mind can be bought for just $19.99?  But it's true! Roadside assistance from NAPA through your Gears Plus location can save you time, money, and so much stress. Not sure if roadside assistance is important? Consider the kilometers you expect to put in over a single season - from your regular commute when time is of the essence to road trips where convenience becomes mandatory, having a solid roadside program is essential. Roadside assistance coverage ma... read more

  • Save $ at the Pump with a Few Simple Steps

    Friday 16 June 2017

    Did you know that a vehicle can burn up to 30 per cent more fuel if proper maintenance is not performed on a regular schedule? We all know the importance of regular car maintenance, but for many reasons, we just don't do it often enough. 1. Check your tire pressure at least once a month. Under-inflated tires burn more fuel. If tires are 8 pounds under inflated, (not an uncommon condition), rolling resistance of the tires increases by 5 per cent. 2. At the pump, k... read more