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Fleets Need a Different Kind of Service

Fleets Need a Different Kind of Service

How can Napa Auto Pro solve your Fleet Stress? Fleets are going to dealerships because they don’t realize they have an option that can solve their vehicle problems with integrity and professionalism. You want your fleet working for you, not sitting in limbo. As an independent, we bring to the table what most shops don’t – the 4 Cs: Identify the concern Determine the cause Make the correction Be involved until completion Our extensive fleet experience began years ago with a forestry fleet. The client believed they could only shut their truck down on a weekend and our shop didn’t offer weekend appointments. I wanted to work with the client but I wasn’t open weekends, so we needed a solution that was agreeable to both of us. I offered to this client that our shop would do a more involved inspection during oil changes then ... read more




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