Fleets Need a Different Kind of Service

How can Napa Auto Pro solve your Fleet Stress? Red Truck

Fleets are going to dealerships because they don’t realize they have an option that can solve their vehicle problems with integrity and professionalism. You want your fleet working for you, not sitting in limbo. As an independent, we bring to the table what most shops don’t – the 4 Cs:

  • Identify the concern
  • Determine the cause
  • Make the correction
  • Be involved until completion

    Our extensive fleet experience began years ago with a forestry fleet. The client believed they could only shut their truck down on a weekend and our shop didn’t offer weekend appointments. I wanted to work with the client but I wasn’t open weekends, so we needed a solution that was agreeable to both of us.

    I offered to this client that our shop would do a more involved inspection during oil changes then he and I would make a scheduled maintenance plan. I explained to the client that when one of his trucks went down, chances are it wouldn’t just go down on a Saturday and be fixed by Sunday. It could break down in the bush on a Tuesday, then need an expensive tow into town, bringing it out of commission, leaving him to find alternate transportation.

    I could understand not wanting to shut the truck down, but if an inspection was done during a normal oil change and anything was found that could potentially cause that vehicle to break down or was a major safety concern, it could be taken care of the same day. As part of the inspection process, we would notice if brake work or other mechanical issues might be coming down the line, then we would try and schedule that work for a day the client knew one of his guys would be off work, in order to minimize disruption.

    Our main goal is to keep vehicles out of disrepair and to stay ahead of things enough that the vehicle doesn’t leave the driver stranded. We want to make the vehicle reliable and keep things economical by fixing the things that make sense.

    I love to solve puzzles and my industry is such a puzzle. If you have a concern, my job is to correct that concern and reduce that stress. To do this, I have:

    I have a new client who had a truck that wouldn’t come out of park. She brought it to the dealership a few times before coming to me. I fixed it quickly and economically. It doesn’t make me smarter – it shows I listen to the customer’s concerns. Other technicians looked at it as a transmission issue. They didn’t consider there was a circuit involved.

    I consider everything and collect information before making a decision.

    I had another vehicle come in that was under warranty. The manager told the service providers to bring the vehicle to the dealership. When my techs phoned the dealership, to find out if the vehicle was indeed under warranty, the dealership said they weren’t sure, they would need to look it over, take pictures, and then submit everything to the manufacturer for permission to warranty it. The dealership also said they couldn’t get the vehicle in for a week.

    We phoned our client back, told her we could fix the vehicle for $136.40, have it ready and in the parking lot and even come pick her up. We also told her she could chose to book the vehicle into the dealership, put up with that stress and lose work from the vehicle in the process.

    So many clients come to us with stress and frustration when working with dealerships. A dealership’s technicians are expected to have the right answers, yet they continually drop the ball. We are not cheap and fast – we are solution oriented. Rather than going to the dealership, come to us first. We will:

    We are here to reduce your vehicle related stress, keeping your fleet from ramping up unnecessary expenses. If you have a diesel vehicle, we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with the unique challenges diesels can bring. We commit to being on time and at the price quoted. We get a clear sense of what your needs are, then schedule vehicle maintenance based on the true condition of the vehicle, not on a guess or pre-made maintenance plan.

    We will deliver the truth. We have no interest in selling you a new vehicle, or leveraging your warranty. We have an interest in retaining your business. Contact us today!

  • Ford, GM, Chrysler, Audi and Volvo factory tools
  • Technicians with extensive technological training
  • Systems in place to support our technicians and clients
  • The best equipment and training in the industry.
  • Find out what warranty will cover
  • Make the appointment for you
  • Deliver the vehicle to the dealership, at no charge




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