Is Your Car Ready for Fall?

Driving Rain

Well, whether we like it or not, summer is almost over, and autumn is on it’s way. And while autumn here is different than elsewhere in Canada, it does present its own unique set of challenges. Here are some things to be aware of to make sure you’re ready for autumn.

Your battery. Your car battery had it easy during the summer. The fall can be a wake-up call for the life of your battery. As the weather gets colder, a dying battery will display some signs that it’s wearing out. If you notice anything unusual, have it checked. That way any issues can be solved before the real cold weather hits. It’s bothersome enough having a battery die on you unexpectedly. It’s even more bothersome when it’s cold out.

need a cheap mechanic Leaves. As unusual as this may sound, leaves can wreak havoc in the fall. When they fall off their trees, they can lead to slippery roads, and sometimes manage to cover up potholes and puddles, and clog drains on the road. This can lead to flooding, and hydroplaning. Also, sap, acid, and pollen from trees can cause damage to your cars paint job. And sometimes leaves can get caught up in the air intake and cowls of your vehicle, which can cause poor fuel economy, and slow the defrosting process. To avoid these things, first be careful on leave covered, roads, and if you can, avoid parking under trees. Keep an eye on your hood, and cowl area of your vehicle, and keep it clear of leaves.

Fluids. Cold weather makes your car work harder. For this reason alone, it’s good to keep your fluids topped up throughout the autumn and into fall. Now, add to that how much windshield washer fluid you go through trying to defrost in a hurry. Another great reason to keep an eye on the fluid levels. We have a seasonal maintenance package that can help with this.

Condensation. In BC, the fall is wet. That moisture and condensation can get into your car electrical system. That will cause problems with your music, lights, or power windows to short out, and some even more dreadful problems. If you notice electrical problems in your vehicle, speak your local service station and have them take a look at the electrical system and root out the source of the problem.

And as always, preventative maintenance saves a ton of time, money, and headaches - we're here 12 months a year to keep you on the road!