Your Car's Safety: How much do you know?

Car Safety

It used to be that safety systems in your car meant the brakes worked. Over the years, things have changed and now there is a whole host of safety systems in new vehicles that not only keep us safe, but have the potential to change the way we drive. As technology makes driving safer, our technicians are trained to keep your car in top shape - keeping you in the driver's seat and your passengers safe.

How many of these features does your car have?

Automatic Emergency Braking: AEB can sense slow, or stopped traffic ahead of you, and will urgently apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t. It uses sensors to track the cars ahead of you and if you get to close, slams on the brakes to help avoid a crash. It can’t always prevent a crash, but can help lessen the severity.

Blind-Spot Warning: There are few things more annoying than someone driving in your blind spot. BSW will give you a visual or audible notification if someone is in that spot. Some BSW systems will give a secondary warning if you use your turn signal when another vehicle is in your blind spot.

Forward-collision warning: This system will often work in tandem with Automatic Emergency Braking. It would be your first notification if you’re getting to close to a slower moving vehicle ahead of you. If there is no response from the driver, AEB would step in.

Rear Cross Traffic Warning: Backup cameras are standard on a lot of vehicles now, with some going as far as giving a 360-degree view. The Rear Cross Traffic Warning takes it a step further by sensing vehicles or other objects outside of the cameras range and giving you a visual, audible or haptic notification so you’re prepared.

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Lane-Departure Warning, Lane-keeping Assist, and Lane-centering assist all work together to keep you between the lines. Giving you warnings if you leave a lane unexpectedly, and autosteering you to stay centered, these three systems are there to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Adaptive Cruise Control: ACC uses radar, lasers, cameras and other real science-fiction stuff to keep a constant distance between you and the car ahead of you. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, some ACC systems will even bring you to a full stop and start back up again when traffic starts flowing, which allows you to do little more than watch the road and steer.