Don’t replace a 3000 dollar diesel filter when you can clean it for way less!!

Vehicle: 2007 Mercedes –Benz ML320 CDI

Mileage: 135,400 KMS

Customer Complaint:

Car had the check engine light on and was heavy on throttle response. The engine code was caused by a plugged and/or damaged particle filter in the exhaust system. The customer also complained about high fuel consumption. The read out from the DME control modules showed fault codes in common rail diesel injection with the diesel particles filter plugged. The car was put on an AWD chassis dyno for performance testing which included two drive cycle tests with city and highway simulations.

Repair Solutions:

  1. To replace the existing Particle Filter with a new replacement unit. The cost is $3000, including parts and labour.
  2. To perform a Diesel Particle Filter Cleaning Procedure Liquid Moly Repair Kit, according to their guidelines. This procedure cost in the neighbourhood of $350, including parts and labour.

We chose Solution #2 and performed the Liquid Moly Cleaning and Service Procedure, according to their guidelines. After the completion of the cleaning procedure, the DME modules were cleared and reset. As a procedure, the car was put back on the AWD Chassis Dyno and the performance tests and drive cycle simulations were repeated for comparison.

The results after:

  1. Check Engine Light did not come back on, which meant the particle filter checked out OK through the diagnostics in the DME software.
  2. Maximum Engine Horsepower and Torque increased.
  3. The engine performance increased in both simulations, City and Highway drive cycles, which meant the engine was producing more Horsepower, having a substantial impact on fuel consumption.

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