Small Business/Fleet Owners – Maintenance and Repair Programs

We always keep in mind

  1. An idle vehicle means lost revenue.
  2. Downtime can exceed the cost of a new vehicle, so we take it seriously.

Our Approach

  1. 1. Customers’ perception is the only one that counts.
  2. 5 C’s to a complete work order- Concern, cause, correction, confirm, and complete.
  3. Always have history of previous inspection prior to making any future recommendations.
  4. Ensure warranty is considered prior to making any recommendations for repair.
  5. Have all information complete and ready when phoning in authorizations.
  6. Communication with drivers, managers, and fleet coordinators is key. These vehicles down times are strategic and preplanned. Surprises can be prevented.
  7. Rebook units for identified work during inspections (that is not a safety concern) to more convenient or productive appointments. (waiting for parts and authorization can be time consuming causing drivers to be without their units).
  8. We are involved to completion – if it is a dealer warranty issue we will let you know and deliver it to the dealer for you. If the dealer questions you, we will stand by you and demonstrate the problem.

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