Vehicle Chart

In this industry, it is very difficult to know what your vehicle requirements consist of, which maintenance schedule to follow out of your manufacturer’s maintenance book, who to listen to, who you can call and what is right.

Prince George has ten dealerships to choose from. Out of these vehicle manufacturers, we have compiled a list using the manufacturer’s maintenance books. We have created this list in an easy-to-read format using the chronological kilometer interval order to assist in proper maintenance. There are a large amount of people that expect to be purchasing a new vehicle a few years after the manufacturer’s warranty is expired due to component failure.

Why is that? Were you ever really taken care of in the first place? Are you more educated than you were when you first purchased your vehicle? NAPA AutoPro Gears Plus is authorized to perform the manufacturer’s regularly scheduled maintenance on all new vehicles under the authority of the Provincial Ministry of Transportation. We strive to make sure you have the best customer service provided, that you are educated and that you fully understand your choices. Yes, you have choices: you are the decision maker of your vehicles future.

Vehicle Service Chart

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